Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Heart Of America: 1941-2007

Captain America is dead.

For all the screaming I do about the shape of things in the US, part of me loves the place beyond words. Not because I grew up in Vancouver and went down to Seattle a lot, not because I can genuinely say I've liked most Americans I've met, but because of one man: Steve Rogers. Captain America. The Living Legend of WW II. The guy other superheroes look up to.

When I was young enough to read comics without putting them in a Mylar bag when I was done, Cap was my hero. Sure, we could all empathize with Spidey, and Batman was cool... but Cap was the only one who could preach about civil liberties while punching a Nazi.

From now on, America is going to have to punch its own fascists, which is scary: I've always been half-convinced that's really The Red Skull wearing a Dick Cheney mask.

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