Thursday, March 1, 2007

Undesirable Fumes From Telus (UPDATED)

Old news:

This is TELUS letting you know during the lockout (over a year ago) that moving calls overseas is a temporary measure to keep things up and running, because TELUS loves you and loves your country, and wants to keep your bill money in your community.

Historical note: Income Tax was a "temporary measure" to fund the First World War.

...And here's a video of all the happy shining faces in the Philippines who are STILL answering your calls and interrupting your dinner to panhandle for Call Display:

(God Almighty, as if Nickleback wasn't bad enough to start with...)

Okay. Now that you KNOW you've been lied to, and now that you KNOW Western Canada's largest telco is sending your money out of the country to avoid paying you or a neighbor a decent working wage... what's stopping you from switching your service?

Not that I'm recommending anyone else, but every time I've called Shaw, I've gotten someone in town. On the other hand, I've spent THREE DAYS trying to get through to Telus HR about my T4s... and I'm still getting a message that HR has been evacuated due to, I swear, "undesirable fumes." The stink of hypocrisy, maybe?

I tried telling a human about this... but Corazon hung up on me.

Does it sound like I have some kind of personal axe to grind? You bet I do. But remember this next time your bill is screwed up. Or you stand in line for an ATM instead of a teller. Or the next time you're looking for a job. As a Canadian, you are a target for advertising and a source of income. And that's ALL. If you're dumb enough to keep taking it, they'll keep doing it to you.

And in the event you are reading this from the Phillipines: you are being exploited. You are being paid a fraction of what you should be paid, and TELUS is not contributing anything of lasting value to your country. If TELUS can find someone in India to do your job for less, they will. They did it to us.


TELUS makes huge money, but it's from the cell phone end of things. I swear I know this in my bones: there is a plot afoot to drive the land-line end of things into the ground so it can be sold off cheap. And if/when that happens, do you really think it's be a CANADIAN company buying it out?

Finally, a shout-out to all the brothers and sisters of the TWU:

UPDATE, August 27/07: Telus is now openly admitting that they are sending jobs to the Phillipines. Also, since this post was first written, Telus has manipulated Youtube into pulling anything that doesn't match the PR image Telus wants you to buy.

As for the TWU... I keep shouting. I don't heat them shouting about this sort of thing nearly as much as you'd think. I've said it before and I'll say it again... hmmm.


lept said...

Try being on the far frontier of the Telus empire (they have a total monopoly here in the Gaspe peninsular) - if you think it's bad out your way...

Microsofty said...

I am linking to this entry. Hope you don't mind!:)