Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Abomination (Or Two, Or Three) Unto The Lord?

Alberta is about to become home to Canada's first permanent "creation science" museum.

As someone who believes in God, I am deeply and profoundly offended by this. I'm not here to pick on Christianity, specifically... based on my reading, Jesus seems like my kinda guy. And (as anyone who voted for a religious pro-war neocon could tell you) there's a huge difference between The Message and The Messenger.

I consider it blasphemous that someone could believe that The Universe was built as-is by a Divine Intelligence who would be cruel enough to give you a well-developed prefrontal cortex and would then expect you to use it to IGNORE the profound wealth of evidence that everything is, in fact, Running According To A Scheme.

Part of that scheme involves what happens when atoms interact and form groups, as they are prone to doing. God designed a marvelously flexible, durable, changeable Universe. Every bit of evidence going seems to point to this kind of thing happening all the time... and if you don't believe me, ask a snowflake.

A lot of people reject evolution because it denies the Literal Truth of The Bible. Which is a shame, because The Bible itself has clearly evolved, from original manuscripts to the Council Of Nicea to King James to today. And the argument that if ONE thing in The Bible is true, it all has to be true doesn't wash with me either. Or, put another way, will the new museum also offer free Witch-Burning service (Exodus 22:18)? Will I be allowed in if I had bacon for breakfast (Leviticus 15)? And is there a display demonstrating that the Earth is, in fact, flat (Job 38:12-14)?

Museum owner Harry Nibourg, according to the Calgary Sun, is having a hard time finding a scientist willing to debate him. Well, Harry, I'm a total scientific amateur, and I'm willing to debate you, here and in public. Also, I'm a professional astrologer, and I can defend the Biblical merits of that, too. A two-for-one deal like that ought to have you salivating.

I'd love to talk about my old buddy Tiktaalik. Or Eohippus. Or Archaeopteryx. Or our common relative, Australopithecus. Or any of the other known, established precursors to you and me and the things running around on your lawn.

In the meantime here's ten things I really doubt you'll see on display at the new museum.

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