Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Telus Vomits On Freedom Of Speech... Again (UPDATED)

I've been asked before why I just can't leave the Telus-bashing alone.

This is why.

Telus has filed to remove all material they consider to be under their copyright from Youtube. That's fine... I'm all for protecting the sanctity of cute monkeys and lizards. But included among the material they've requested to have removed is material that isn't actually theirs.

Like this news report from the lockout where TWU members said Telus LIED about outsourcing -- which it did -- and in which Telus exec Jim Johannsonn says Telus intended to "bring all those calls back here and do them in-house in Alberta and BC" -- his words, not mine -- which it didn't.

Please, please, please people... please be outraged enough by this to pass on a link to this story, or fire off an angry e-mail. Or cancel your subscription to Telus internet or Mobile or phone service.

My land line and internet is with Shaw, and my cell is with Fido. The service with both is better than it ever was with Telus. And I have a clear conscience as well.

This is why I was on the picket line, loud and proud. And this is why I'm not done with you yet, Telus.


Ever notice that little symbol at the bottom of each blog entry here that lets you mail this entry to a friend? Here's a few places to start: - Darren Entwistle, Telus CEO - Telus Media Relations (Alberta) - Telus Media Relations (BC)


macadavy said...

Don't quit! Ten years ago Telus (then BCTel) slapped a $400 charge on my bill. They refused to explain what it was for or remove it. I refused to pay it ; they cut off my phone line. I've had nothing to do with them since. I guess we can be glad they no longer enjoy a stranglehold monopoly on telecommunications!
Let's not forget that Telus was one of the first corporations to attempt to censor the Internet by blocking their subscribers access to the 'Voices for Change' website during the 2005 lockout.

Anonymous said...

you guys are princesses
sooo full of hate.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Actually, it's not hate. It's anger at being lied to and having public perception manipulated.

Why doesn't that make YOU angry?