Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Telus Mobility Mobilizes Jobs Out Of The Country (UPDATED)

So, do you remember when I said that Telus was manipulating copyright law to cover up their lies about sending jobs out of the country, and remember when I said I figured it was because they were going to do it again?

Well, call me Nostradamus.

That "temporary measure" of moving excess calls out to the Philippines keeps getting Well, gets less and less "temporary" all the time. If you just clicked on that last link and the first video didn't work, my apologies. It was a news report from a TV station that Telus lied to Youtube about to suppress it.

My question in all this: where the HELL is the Telecommunications Workers Union in all this? You guys said this would happen, and took action to try and prevent it. I know: I was one of the guys out there picketing with you.

Why are you just lying back and taking it?

UPDATE, August 29/07: The jobs are going away, and the TWU remains silent. I've yet to see anything resembling action I could take pride in, were I still a TWU member.

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