Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Fun And Useful Vagina Facts That The March 2008 Cosmo Didn't Cover

Singer Rihanna on the cover of the new Cosmo, in a daring yellow outfit that highlights her bright pink va-jay-jay.

-"Vagina" rhymes with the capital of the province of Saskatchewan. Unless you have one, and a love-starved combine operator has you cornered in a bar in Moose Jaw... in which case, your vagina is the capital of Saskatchewan.

-Although often referred to as "dirty," the average vagina is actually cleaner (in terms of both dirt and bacteria) than the hands or mouth. This raises certain questions about the advisability of shaking hands, and the logical alternatives.

-Shortages on the front lines in World War Two led German scientists in the 1940s to attempt to create an artificial vagina. Although never a complete success, "Projeckt: Mittromney" went on to win Michigan and a few other States in the 2008 Republican Primaries before conceding.


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