Thursday, October 11, 2007

Genocide Is Wrong

I know genocide is wrong. You know genocide is wrong. There's no question in my mind. Is there any in yours?

Then why would George W. Bush condemn a puffball non-binding House Resolution calling the extermination of a sub-set of your species exactly what it was... genocide?

Don't give me any of the "political" reasons. I want to hear a human reason.

Otherwise, you're next.


Cliff said...

Do Armenians need state acknowledgment of their suffering in order for it to have existed?

God knows I hate to be on Bush's side in any way shape or form - but destabilizing the one vaguely pro-western nation in the area who's political leaders are desperately trying to stop their military - who have far more power than any military should in a democracy - from ignoring western wishes and sweeping across the border into Iraqi Kurdistan actually counts as a certain amount of foresighted policy. Rare enough in the Bush administration.

One meaningless and hypocritical legislative declaration about a massacre that could conceivably lead to another one. Rubbing the Turks nose into the Armenian genocide has real potential to increase the risk of a Kurdish one.

The Turks don't want to publicly acknowledge the scale of what they did to the Armenians. They may be ready to someday, in the meantime everybody else on earth and more than a few inside Turkey do know what happened.

The Japanese still don't want to admit the rape of Nanking or of the the comfort women and the Americans probably should turn the genocide scope on themselves before going after anybody else.

When the Turkish ambassador to the US, many years ago was confronted about the Armenian genocide, he looked around theatrically and said "Where are all the Indians?"

Matthew The Astrologer said...

I understand. I just wish there was some sense of loyalty to the species that superseded loyalty to a flag or a buck.

I ask too much, I know, I know...

willis said...

I agree. This event should be listed with all the others so that congress can do a one time condemnation covering all of them. Then maybe they can address more urgent things (Iraq, Darfur, New Orleans, etc.).

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