Monday, August 11, 2008

I Married A Mercenary: Welcome To!

There are so many obstacles on the path to finding One's True Love. You might think you aren't attractive enough, or have too much emotional baggage, or are hanging out in the wrong bars.

Of course, there is also the tragedy of being unable to attract a mate because you've got too much money.

Go ahead: step away from the computer, have another coffee, make sure you're really awake, and then re-read that last statement. Apparently rich folks have a harder time finding True Love than say, a typical blogger. This discovery comes courtesy of the Love Experts at a site called

Here is a statement from to boggle your mind a little more:

"Because the rich people have such a hard time finding dates, there's Actually, you don't have to be a certified millionaire to join, anyone who earns $150,000 and above annually qualifies for This dating site guarantees complete anonymity so you can be sure that your potential mate likes you for your personality and not your status in life."

It's time this repressed minority... the very wealthy... had someone stand up for them. Dating for rich folks, with rich folks. Although when I see a site like this, I can't help but wonder: how closely do they check out your bank balance if you want to join? Think there's any potential for fraud here? Nah. Rich people are, by definition, much smarter than you and I... and are thus immune to being duped if they're lonely.

Besides, we all know what a difficult time the wealthy and powerful have finding the kind of love they really want and need... regardless of how, um, wide a stance one takes on these matters.



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