Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Legal Eye For The Hypocrite Guy: Larry Craig Ventures Into The Men's Room Of Justice

It's true: Republican lawmaker and washroom sex enthusiast Larry Craig is waiting for a judge to give him a shot at undoing his guilty plea, thus proving he isn't gay or something.

I can hardly wait to see what The Puppet Press has to say about all this. We already know that Ann Coulter is eager to roll in this particular stink. But for the most part the Bush Fifth Column seems to be keeping away from this no-win scenario. The best I've found so far: Kristen Fyfe, whose defence of Larry Craig consists of pointing out that San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair is coming up, and liberals won't be making a big stink out of that.

Maybe if there was a big parade of gay people who had voted loudly and repeatedly to outlaw themselves we would, Kristen.

Seriously, though: have a look at some time. You'll find such wonders as:

Michael Medved's near-defense of American Slavery. "WHILE AMERICA DESERVES NO UNIQUE BLAME FOR THE EXISTENCE OF SLAVERY, THE UNITED STATES MERITS SPECIAL CREDIT FOR ITS RAPID ABOLITION" (stop shouting, Mike!). Yeah, Medved: it only took a Civil War. Besides, there was lots of slavery before America... and we all know how America loves using the pre-1700s Muslim world as a role model.

Dennis Prager, who points out that since both liberals and conservatives are capable of lying, therefore liberals are lying weasels.

Mary Katharine Ham, who points out how foolish and out of touch with the world Columbia University was to invite Ahmadinejad... just like they didn't have their finger on the pulse of an important (but distasteful) issue like Hitler, whose ambassador they played host to in 1933. Way to not spot someone of significance, stupid Columbia University with your stupid classes and stupid books and stupid freedom of expression!

Finally, Michael Barone, who favours us with this toxic bonbon:

"Polls show that the public approves of Petraeus' performance and endorses his recommendations for going forward with the surge -- the first margin of approval for the administration's course of action in a long time."

Hey! I think I just figured out where Ted Byfield gets his sources from! It's the same alternate universe Michael Barone lives in!

You know... the one where Spock has a beard...


Anonymous said...

Pre-1700 Muslim slavery?

African slavery (50% of the continent was and is Muslim) was radically different than the American type for one simple reason - it was not racialized.

In fact there were more 'white' slaves in Medieval Egypt imported from Central Asia than there were 'black' ones from up the Nile.

You could say that Muslims were the only ones to enslave whites at the hands of blacks in such large numbers. You could, but nobody would, because race was immaterial.

Beyond that there were notable differences in how slaves were treated and freed, but we won't go there.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

I base my disapproval of slavery on species, not pigmentation.

As for the notable differences, doesn't the Koran demand that an honestly-converted slave be set free? I don't recall southern slave owners extending the same courtesy...

And for the record, black folks could own white folks in Ancient Rome too. That didn't make me like the idea any better.

Cliff said...

Forget the bathroom incident - the first Larry Craig clue was that sweater!

And the best Larry Craig headline today was at Crooks and Liars:

Larry Craig to Senate: 'I wish I knew how to quit you.'