Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy: An Exciting Sneak Preview!

Mitt "Dog Torturer" Romney has given us all a thrilling look at The World Of Tomorrow, Romney style.

Mitt proposes showing some pimp hand to Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who is scheduled to address the UN Assembly next week. Romney is bar him from attending and slap him with charges under The Genocide Act." This is all based on certain statements Mr. Ahmadinejad regard Israels non-right to existence.

Mitt, of course, knows his history. The only way to get rid of people who want to get rid of other people is to get rid of the right people first. Maybe both sets of people, just to be safe. I dunno, this sort of thing is apparently okay with Jesus... something to do with the number of cheeks your enemy has to smite. I'm not as well-versed at interpreting God's Will as Mitt Romney is.

At first I dismissed this as more electoral fear-mongering from the War Criminal Wannabe who gave us "Double Guantanamo." But then I sat back and drifted off, and had a horrible, profound psychic vision of what the world would be like with Mitt Romney as President Of The United States.

Then I woke up. I realized it wasn't a psychic vision of the future at all. It was a clip of The Dead Zone on TV:

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Cliff said...

Of course an actual trial would bring to light that the 'wiped off the map' line is a mis-translation. He actually said: "the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time"

So, unpleasant, hostile, a fundamentalist troublemaker, but genocidal? That would be a hard case to make.

Plus, isn't it interesting that when his predecessor, a gentle reformer calling regularly for better relations for the west was President, western media and political figures regularly stressed that the Presidency is a position with very little power in Iran, with the real power in the hands of the supreme council of religious leaders. This hasn't changed, and close readers of current and recent events have seen evidence of Ahmadinejad being over-ruled frequently as in the captured British sailors situation for instance.

But now that the Iranians have obliged by putting a fire-breathing religious radical in the presidency all the same critics who dismissed his predecessor's overtures as coming from someone with no real power, talk as if Ahmadinejad ran the show from top to bottom.

He fits the narrative better.