Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Thomas More Law Center: Defending Ignorance

Once again, Khalil Gibran International Academy is provoking a gut level reaction against the horrors of Islam, or education, or something like that.

The Thomas More Law Center (which according to my favourite crazies at World Net Daily (which seems to be taking over from the recently-defunct Weekly World News as America's premiere voice of reason) "...defends and promotes the religious freedom of Christians as well as time-honored family values and the sanctity of human life," has promised that they will "monitor the school in order to ensure that it comports with state and federal law. We are concerned that the city is setting up a segregated, separate but equal public school system: one for Islam and another for everyone else.”

Thanks for turning your laser-like focus and vast resources on these important questions regarding a public school, guys. As I pointed out in a previous entry, it's a public school. Public. That means that there's lots of that information already out there, cleverly concealed in a series of tubes. But it's good to know there's high-priced legal talent keeping an eye on these things too.

In the meantime, no word yet on whether Shuang Wen School (a Chinese dual-language public school in New York City) will be turning their students into little America-hating subversives, dedicated to producing defective Chinese condoms or some other attempt to pollute The West's precious bodily fluids.

Maybe the Thomas More folks should just open their own school. I could even write their final exam questions in history class for them!

1) The enemy is:
  • a) Eurasia. Eurasia has always been the enemy.
  • b) Eastasia. Eastasia has always been the enemy.
  • c) Me. I'm a terrorist. Please forward the remainder of the test questions to Guantanamo.

As always, it's people's petty differences that tear us apart. Khalil Gibran was a Christian; so is Thomas More Law Center spokesman Brian Rooney. Sadly, Gibran was a sensitive and gifted writer. Rooney's just an idiot.

And once again, the Rooney name stands for quality education!

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