Saturday, September 1, 2007

Nuke A Mosque For Democracy: The Bizarre World Of "World Net Daily"

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I remember when I was a kid... long before the Internet... when I used to wonder whether there was a way to clearly identify the dangerously crazy people. I never had a problem with craziness, per se. It was the dangerous ones that had me concerned.

Problem solved: gaze ye upon the wonder and horror of World Net Daily.

The poll results to the left are answers to a reader's poll from a couple of weeks ago. The question? "Should U.S. threaten nuclear annihilation of Muslim holy sites for deterrence?"

It's bad enough, I suppose, that over 80% of WND readers are in favour of "nuking holy sites" as if there were a nuclear weapon with the kind of selectiveness to, say, vaporize all McDonalds but leave all Burger Kings unharmed in a given target area. The fact that we're talking about over 80% of 6807 people is downright chilling.

(By the way, "WND" really is short for "World Net Daily," not "Weapon Of Neurological Destruction.")

Of course it's not all genocidal fun and games at WND. Here are some pearls of wisdom from some of WND's regular contributors...

-Pat Boone (yeah, that Pat Boone) on what's wrong with teenagers today. The reason he and his wife were able to raise "...Four beautiful young women [who] passed through their mom's loins and our household, entertained millions around the world, never touched pot or got drunk or developed a smoking, cursing or drinking habit … and came to their marriage partners as virgins"? They had jobs!

Bonus ickiness points for "passed through their mom's loins and our household" as if there was an obstetrics table in Pat's kitchen and a greased chute leading from it all the way out the front door.

-WND Founder and Rush Limbaugh collaborator Joseph Farah, who gives us this: "I thought newspapers and media types had long ago abandoned any pretense at neutrality or even-handedness when it came to global warming. I thought they had all long ago signed on as Al Gore scare-mongers. Could somebody point to an American newspaper that is still reporting on climate change with a skeptical or even balanced perspective?"

Well, it isn't a newpaper Joe... but how about New Scientist?

That, and lots of tastiness from Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Hal "The Apocalypse Will Be Here By 1975 At The Latest -- It's In The Bible!" Lindsay.

Oh, and Ted Byfield's regular "Oh! Canada" column. You know I'm going to give that one it's own blog entry...

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Cliff said...

Should we threaten to carpet bomb those huge tacky televangelist glass mega-churches as a deterrent to abortion clinic bombers?