Thursday, September 20, 2007

"The Marketing Of Evil" Vs. Kat Von D Naked: The Battle For Your Immortal Soul

(Okay, it should be immediately obvious there's no actual pictures of Kat Von D naked here. And if such pictures ever do surface, they won't be on some dumbass blog like mine. Here: go read the rest of my blog and be entertained.)

The crazy bastards at World Net Daily have a brand new book out for those of you who want to punish yourself for the high crime of Literacy: The Marketing Of Evil. The author (David Kupelian) is an editor at World Net Daily. The book's been getting rave reviews thus far... from other editors at WND, at least.

Among America's enemies (other than non-Americans) listed in the book:

-Body piercing

Seriously: it turns out that the path to hell is paved with ink, just like Kat Von D, whose anatomy I've studied in detail (for theological purposes only, I assure you). Just to prove it, here's part of an Internet post from a former body piercing artist turned to Jesus by "The Marketing Of Evil":

"Self-inflicted castrations, lobotomies, amputations, disfigurement of every conceivable nature, suspensions – we do these things to each other and ourselves without a second thought."

Castration? Lobotomies? Amputations? Dude: if that was what you did for a living, maybe it wasn't the work of the Devil... maybe you were just working in an insanely bad piercing shop. A nipple ring I can understand... but now I'm picturing two nipple rings joined by a chain running through some one's frontal fucking lobes.

To summarize: Evil. Marketing. Evil being marketed.

Now, a public service announcement:


D-BAG said...

hey u ue a fuckin douch kat von d is fucking amazing almost my entire body is covered with her art she is as close to and artist as piccaso was she just uses ink and flesh insted of paint and paper so u stupid religious whore sut the fuck up and go to hell!!
how aboout that

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Oh, God, someone out there throw Bobo a banana and explain to him what "irony" is. And get him a spell checker while you're at it.

jencanadian said...

No worries Matthew...some of us educated folk understand that you were dissing the concept. LOL
I love Kat Von D, and in fact don't even watch Miami Ink anymore, now that she has her own show. I love to watch her on the Tom Green show, and am very happy for her and Nikki!
People who preach are very insecure's a control thing. Life is about choices...and Jesus was the first to advocate that...he never judged, unlike some of his followers.
There are much worse things to worry about in life than tattoos and piercings...such as pedophilia, poverty and political prisoners.

Hopefully people are smart enough to realize all this, and those who don't will miss out on one of the most beautiful forms of art this planet has to offer (especially from Kat).