Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alan Greenspan: Liberal Dupe? Not Even Close

“I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil”

Hippie? Osama bin Laden? Cindy Sheehan? No.

Alan Greenspan. Yes, that Alan Greenspan: The Pope of the free-market economy. The man so ready to back the conservative agenda of ditching Social Security.

Thanks for the heads up, Al... and nice of you to be saddened by the "political inconvenience" of it all rather than the body count, or the waste of all of America's international good will, or ridiculous cost, even.


Raphael Alexander said...

Many conservatives [including myself] have taken Bush and Cheney to task for their uncontrollable spending and irresponsible fiscal management. It's inexplicable that many conservatives continue to defend the administration. It may be socially conservative, but fiscally it's beyond description.

Cliff said...

I'm sympathetic to the argument that the Bush White House betrayed 'real conservatism'. It's pretty much the entire theme of Andrew Sullivan's blog these days.

I just disagree.

This is what fiscal conservatism and fundamentalist capitalism is about - taken to its illogical extreme and tested to destruction.

Bush didn't fail because he wasn't conservative enough, but because he's the ultimate conservative.

Previous conservative leaders like Reagan and Thatcher had wealth created by progressives to squander and breathing room to create huge deficits in order to paper over the detestation and massive inequality their policies created.

Ultimately the class war, infrastructure collapse, deficit spending, massive income redistribution upward and sheer incompetence when it comes to the basic job of governing of the Bush regime are the true black heart of real conservatism.

We may be past the point where we can afford to let government be run by people who don't believe in government.