Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More FuQing Wal-Mart Flip Flop Details

After entirely too long a search, I have located the website for FuQing Yongchao Shoes of China, the manufacturer that rash victim Kerry Styles was told to contact about her painful, blistering rash.

Have a look for yourself. You tell me if there's anything there about this. All I see is... lots and lots of cheap flip-flops. How surprised will you be if it turns there are more horror stories out there?

It wouldn't surprise Kerry, who keeps updating her site with more horror stories from more people.

I spoke with Kerry Styles via the miracle of Yahoo Messenger. Her comments:

"...first of all they say they only have 9 complaints, I think they may need to double check their numbers, because according to MY stats there are alot more, see here:

...secondly, they are pulling them, great, but they should have done this much sooner and tested them, AND it seems as if this is kind of like applying a band aid on a gushing head wound.

I could be wrong, I have said that from the very beginning, but I really don't think so, I really really think something is wrong with these shoes."

Me too, Kerry. Me too.

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