Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Say Nice Things About America

The next time you (or one of your art school buddies) starts to complain about big-budget, flashy, overpriced American movies or stupid reality series... refer to the front page of the gloriously named Korea News. The rest of the world calls it "North Korea"... when the rest of the world calls at all.

Here are today's top entertainment stories. Go ahead and click on the picture. It gets bigger, but it doesn't get more entertaining...

Speaking as an expert in both film production and multi-layer plastic sheeting, I can see how the director of the second film might have difficulty maintaining an engaging plot. But man... that static condenser film... that's a must see. God only knows what kind of mayhem those weapons-crazed North Koreans could get out of something like that.

I should know... I have one myself. You probably have one too, behind your refrigerator. And it's absolutely true: you can increase energy efficiency by 10 percent if you keep it clean and dusted off...

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