Friday, September 7, 2007

Paranoia: Don't Leave Home Without It

We can all take comfort in the knowledge that the US Government is carefully analyzing Osama bin Laden's latest video.

It's already been on the Web, or so we're told. So, um... why can't WE see it? What threat, if any, are we being protected from... here on the eve of the Petraeus report?

Bush needed a good threat right about now. Again, maybe it's just the paranoia talking... but the whole thing has the feel of love notes being furtively handed back and forth in class.

"Dear Osama:

Things are going badly for me here. I need you, dammit!



UPDATE: Wow. General Petraeus and Osama both said exactly what Dubya needed/wanted them to say.

I'm soooo shocked.

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