Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scene One: A Meteorite Crashes...

The movie starts with a meteorite crashing in the remote countryside. A strange gas emits from the crater. Something bubbles up from the hole. A gas is released. People start getting sick. One of the farmer's bulls dies. You know the people of Earth will be in terrible peril before this movie is over.

Except, this time... it isn't a movie. This is really happening.

"Nahum said somethin' lived in the well that sucks your life out. He said it must be some'at growed from a round ball like one we all seen in the meteor stone that fell a year ago June. Sucks an' burns, he said, an' is jest a cloud of colour like that light out thar now, that ye can hardly see an' can't tell what it is. Nahum thought it feeds on everything livin' an' gits stronger all the time. He said he seen it this last week. It must be somethin' from away off in the sky like the men from the college last year says the meteor stone was. The way it's made an' the way it works ain't like no way o' God's world. It's some'at from beyond."

-H.P. Lovecraft, The Colour Out Of Space

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