Friday, September 14, 2007

Petraeus For President, 2012!

Back in 2005, when the US was mired in a messy invasion that wasn't going as well as advertised (the invasion hasn't changed, just the advertising), there was a bright-eyed, idealistic young lad named General David Petraeus serving in Iraq who wanted to run for President in 2012.

Back then, General Petraeus was in charge of training the Iraqi army (bang-up job, Dave!). He let it slip to Sabah Khadim, (a "senior advisor" to Iraq's Interior Ministry, whatever that really entails) that he had a burn-on to become Commander-In-Chief.

You know he's about to become (if he isn't already) the poster boy for the brave neocon patriots who aren't afraid to keep throwing bodies at the Iraq Problem until it does away.

Personally, I think Petraeus is perfectly qualified, at least by neocon standards. Of course, what kind of leadership skills does it really take to lead cattle down a chute to a pneumatic gun?