Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nixon Called Fred Thompson "Dumb As Hell": Not Like That Ever Stopped Bush...

"...dumb as hell."
-Richard Nixon on Fred Thompson, on tape, 1973

With the predictability of the tides, Fred Thompson finally announced his candidacy for President of the US. And I think he stands a better chance of winning that most outside of his campaign team give him credit for.

Why? Not necessarily because he has a gift for twisty fundraising, not because he's an actor, not because he's "dumb as hell," not because he is the only candidate to face down Sam Waterston...

It's because the money that backed Bush is now getting behind Thompson. And you and I know by this point that, in order to win, you sure as hell don't have to be a genius. And you don't even have to stand for popular issues.

How else do you explain eight years of Bush, and what (I fear) is to come?

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