Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wal-Mart Flip-Flops Induce Rash

A Texas woman named Taylor Vanover has discovered the high cost of low prices. A one-dollar pair of flip-flops have induced a rash bad enough that she went to Emergency with it. Others are reporting the same symptoms.

The country of origin? China, of course. Storm management at the Gun Barrel City Wal-Mart (it's Texas: that's the place's real name) advised her to... get this... contact the manufacturer.

Good thing they didn't tell her to contact "the responsible party." I looked: there's no phone number listed for "huge conscienceless corporate greed."

UPDATE: Latest news HERE!


Anonymous said...

ouch!!! i have some red polka-dot walmart flip flops and im kinda getting a rash (or a blister)im never waering my walmart flip flops again!

Anonymous said...

aaaahhhh!!!! i have red polka dot flip flops!

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows of this womans site, please contact me at Have gotten the same rash, went to my hands, and it is even spread to those at home.. thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I have the same rash. Wal-Mart is still selling these flip flops -- on clearance!